Brain cancers are frequently misdiagnosed. Benign tumors are wrongly identified as aggressive cancers and visa-versa. This website provides answers about:

  • Why this happens
  • How it harms patients
  • How you can find out if you were misdiagnosed
  • Steps you can take if you were misdiagnosed
  • A brain tumor diagnosis is devastating. But, there are over 20 different kinds of brain tumors and the treatment depends on the specific type and grade. Some brain cancers are relatively benign and can be successfully treated with surgery alone. Others are considered high grade and are life threatening. For these cancers, aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation are used. These therapies can have long-term side-effects including memory, vision, and hearing loss, cognitive impairments, reductions in IQ, endocrine and growth problems, and even secondary cancers. This is especially true in children.

    Unfortunately, misdiagnoses do take place leading to insufficient therapy or unnecessary treatment.

    If you are curious as to whether your “aggressive” brain cancer or your child’s “high grade” brain cancer was improperly diagnosed take the quiz. If a benign brain cancer was misdiagnosed as aggressive please contact us. We are attorneys who practice in this specialized area of law and medicine.

    According to medical studies, brain cancers may be wrongly diagnosed up to 30% of the time.

    If you want to know if an “aggressive” or “high grade” brain tumor was really low grade or benign then:

  • Learn how to get a second opinion
  • Take the misdiagnosis quiz
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